Serial scammer?

Franz Geffke - History of Cheating

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Thinking of Doing Business with Franz Geffke?

Let's face it. In today's business world where everything is done online, scammers and cheaters abound. The Internet gives them a level of anonymity and protection that they think gives them carte blanche to scam people and companies. Here's a great example of one cheater.

History of Cheating

A simple search on the web brings up Franz Geffke's unfortunate history. It seems he has a tendency to avoid paying bills. One case study in particular tells how he hired an agency to do work, the work was delivered but no payment was ever rendered. The company in question was Panther MPC which seems to be defunct after years of stopping and starting.

New Look - F/

His latest resurrection involves a slick site: Disturbingly, he seems to have either dabbled or started a new cryptocurrency fund called G&P Mutual Investment Fund. The odd part is that, although you can find a link to that fund via a closed Reddit thread, there's no other online history of this fund. Nothing on social media. Extremely suspicious for a "fund" that was soliciting people's money.